The death of someone we love is a difficult time. We all need the support of our family, friends and  those we  trust.  It  is  a  time  when  we  appreciate  the  care  & prayers  of  others in the wider community. The church seeks to be part of that caring community.

The first port of call for funerals is the Vicar or Parish office.  We can also help you with the practical aspects and help you find suitable Funeral Directors.

If your family member lived in the parish, or has some long standing link with Thames Ditton, then they can have a funeral service in the church, or have their ashes interred in the Garden of Remembrance. If you are uncertain, do contact the Parish Office for guidance.


Arranging a service

If  you  make  the  funeral arrangements  directly  with  the  funeral  director,  they  will  contact  the Parish Office  who will then get in touch with you to arrange a time to meet to plan the service.  

What are the options?

Most people choose between a service in church (followed by burial or cremation) or at a crematorium (e.g. Randalls Park or Kingston). Having a  service  in  church  does  not  commit  you  to  having  your  loved  one  buried  in a churchyard (see   below). It may be that the deceased has made a particular request in their will, so before you make  a  decision,  please  check  with  the  executor  of  their  estate.  Other  than  that,  it does come down to personal preference. 

What does the service involve?

A  service  normally  includes music,  readings, prayers,  a  eulogy, a Bible reading,  a  short  address and space for private reflection. The length of a service can vary, although it usually lasts between 40-50 minutes. We can help you plan the service. The Church of England have a helpful website:

The Churchyard & Garden of Remembrance

In the case of St Nicholas Church, Thames Ditton, the churchyard is now closed for new graves although a family grave can be reopened for a new burial if there is space. We have a Garden of Remembrance, opposite the main entrance to the church, where the cremated remains of those who lived in the parish may be interred. 

It is possible to have a burial at Long Ditton Cemetery (which is the closest cemetery to Thames Ditton). Your Funeral Director will be able to help you organise this, and our clergy would be happy to preside at the burial.

How much does it cost?

The  service  fees  vary  depending  on where  it  takes  place  and  whether  you  choose a burial  or a cremation. The local funeral director should be able to advise you on the fees, but if in doubt, please contact the Parish Office. There are standard fees (see below) set by the Church of England and Parochial Church Council for funerals. These are normally paid through the funeral director. The services of an organist can be arranged: additional fees are payable for this. 

Reception / gathering

The church hall may be available for hire for funeral gatherings, although some rooms get heavily booked during the week. Please contact the Parish Secretary for this. We are not able to provide catering, but we can suggest some local catering businesses.

As a church family, we care for those who live in our community and pray for you as you go through this difficult time. 

Many people find it helpful to come to church at such a time, in order to take some time out to remember and to think about the bigger picture.

You are most welcome to join us any Sunday at 08:00, 09:30 or 11:15am.


Our fees are fixed by the Church of England.

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